Dear Tribe,

We find our purpose in building a community that not only enjoys the use and benefits of cannabis but understands it entirely. 


Cush Dispensary was founded in 2018 because people deserve to have a variety of cannabis options that they can trust. Too often you find yourself in situations where you're not sure if you're getting quality items. We carry premium cbd, cbg, hemp, and low THC products.

We are a family owned business based in Birmingham, AL.  The goal of our tribe is to spread knowledge, resources, and offer quality products that deliver. 



If you're not in the city; we quickly ship our products nationwide. Along with various pop up shops throughout the year. Contactless delivery is available at select times. 

Cush Dispensary has a selection of products from our line as well as outsourced vendors that have been tested as well as reviewed for quality. There are COAs available for all our products and vendors. 

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Medical marijuanna or Low THC card holders get 10% off every purchase. Ask us how.

In order to make sure everyone can try our products we offer Sezzle; a buy now pay later option that makes shopping now convenient.


-From The South With Love 


PS. Are you new to this? Check out our FAQ section for commonly asked questions. 

120 19th Street North

Suite #257

Birmingham , Al  35203

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Tel: 1-678-431-6846

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