Cannabis | Sex | Manifestation

The vibes that come with sex are one of pure pleasure. Let's take it up a notch & give it some real purpose. Cannabis is a sacred plant that should always be used with intention. Sure you can use it to relax and get in the mood but don't forget to get the full benefits of the plant.

In order for this to work your energy must be aligned with your partner. Even if its a solo mission....your energy needs to be in a good place for any of this to work in your favor. Let's talk energy exchange. Chaotic energy has no place in manifestation. Cleanse yourself. When you choose to manifest you are deciding to bring something in your mind to the physical world. A want or desire brought to life. Make sure you and your space is clean. It goes without saying that your partner should be clean as well. It also helps if your partner is in on this. If you all have aligned goals and desires this can be a big game changer in your household.

Incorporating cannabis into your sexual routine has a great number of benefits. It relaxes, it soothes the body during intercourse, and it keeps you focused on the task at hand allowing for maximum enjoyment. You can put cannabis into the routine in more ways than smoking it. You can use cannabis intimate oil, eat edibles, take a bath with cannabis body products. I would recommend using something that's more sativa blend heavy so that you don't get tired and go to sleep. Lol that defeats the purpose entirely! If you don't know for sure just micro dose to be on the safe side.

You can write your petition on a piece of notebook paper and put it under your pillow. It's also important to say what you want or recite affirmations. Now you can do this out loud or in your head. As long as you're on the same page it will still work. This is something that's very simple and effective because the energy when you orgasm is very strong. Try controlling each wave of sensation with breath work. Deep intentional breaths keep you calm and keep you from overthinking. It physically relaxes the body during sex and is most definitely essential. Don't sleep on breath work! Close your eyes and see what you want with your imagination. Physically see yourself there. Imagine what it smells like and even what the emotions may be like. Be as visual as possible.

Now I bet you're thinking if I'm doing all this how can I be enjoying the act itself?!? Enjoy the peaks and manifest during the lows. This gives your body and mind a chance to find its center. Your purpose for the act if you will.

There are many other herbs such as kava kava root, valerian root, lavender, and chamomile that relax you as well. I would recommend putting them with cannabis to get an ensemble effect. These herbs can also be used tin oils, foods, and in your bath.

When used intentionally cannabis and our other favorite herbs can assist with the energy of your manifestations. As we all know faith without works is dead so you must also move to action! This is just another satisfying way reaching your goals. ASE.

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