Cushistory: Maya Angelou

“I learned new postures and developed new dreams,” Angelou wrote of her cannabis muse. “From a natural stiffness, I melted into a grinning tolerance. Walking on the streets became high adventure, eating my mother’s huge dinners an opulent entertainment, and playing with my son was side-cracking hilarity. For the first time, life amused me.”- Maya Angelou (Gathering My Name)

Cannabis was one of things she attributed to her healing from childhood trauma and abuse. Maya Angelou lived a colorful life before becoming one of the best writers, civil rights advocates, and poets to ever to do it. Discovering cannabis in 1946 during what was a War on Drugs had to be both scary and liberating at the same time. During that time people in the creative field were known for using cannabis just like they are now for inspiration. The way she described her first time was just as beautiful as the famous; I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing. Her muse; cannabis lives in her poems.

Women of color have endured years of racism tied to the War on Drugs. Be it directly or indirectly. Families have been torn apart and women have been forced to choose. From the plantation to the boardroom and beyond. It is a world we are forced to digest blatant racism while being force fed examples of how they "think" we should be.

There continues to be a need for education and representation in an industry painted as negative. Gaining social equity in a playing field that has been dominated by white men. The irony builds as our people are locked behind bars for minor crimes and billionaires roam free to promote their next strain. It gets more interesting as women of color are less likely to receive proper funding through traditional banks. Cannabis being a Schedule I drug caused it to not be researched and placed into society properly.

The game cold but its fair so here we are. Years later breaking the green ceiling. The upside is that avenues and loopholes have made a way for us to thrive in the cannabis industry. Grass root efforts give brands and advocates the chance to provide resources. The more information spread the better chance we have to evolve the game into a fair playing field.

Maya Angelou is a shining example of what it means to be free in your expression and creative lifestyle. She broke many barriers and went on to tell the story of how she became a woman.

Beautiful things are made when your mind is free from the limitations of the world.