Cushistory: Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba is something like a mystery. Many of us first heard of her as being King Solomon's Bae in the Hebrew Bible. She traveled from Africa to learn from his wisdom. Sheba brought Solomon gold and spices as a gift when she arrived. Among the spices was kaneh-bosm better known as cannabis. Kaneh-bosm is the Hebrew word for cannabis. It is said that Solomon had a special temple just for sweet smelling spices. They became lovers and had a son; Menilek.

Remember when I said she was like a mystery? Well, some scholars dispute her very existence because there is no body or burial site for her. It's like she just disappeared into thin air.

Cannabis was used widely during this time for everything from meditation to topical pain medication. Women were known to keep it around as a household herb. Only recently during the war on drugs did cannabis become something seen as bad. Our goal is to show you the many faces of cannabis. Representation is important for women. So why not start with our lady; Queen Sheba.