Cushistory: Women In Cannabis

What does it mean to be a woman? While we are perceived as soft and docile; that couldn't be further from the truth. The advantage of being a woman is that we do get to be all of those things and more. We get to be strong, successful, leaders, businesswomen, and innovators. Nevertheless, we also get to be nurturing, feminine, and fun! We are allowed to take risks and we are allowed to feel. Women have proved to be the biggest consumer base and the fastest growing in small business. Our influence in the billion dollar cannabis industry is no different.

First things first. Respect for the fact that the female plant is what produces the cannabinoid reaction that we love so much! But even though that maybe true; women have not been treated equally in this male dominated industry. Stigma has caused the advancement of women in cannabis to be a little slower. Society has taught us that its not " lady-like" for people to know that you use cannabis. So we hide it or face the judgement. Especially if you're a MAMA! However, history has shown, many a MAMA using cannabis to treat themselves and their family.

Cannabis can be used for women in terms of relieving menstrual pain, childbirth pain, and lubricant for sexual pleasure. In the 19th century cannabis was listed as a medicinal aid in the Dispensary of the United States for labor pain, and it was also used in ancient Egypt as topical for birthing pain. Which is not possible now because women are tested at child birth for use and can be reported to DHR if positive. Even though it is historically documented that cannabis has been used during childbirth. They would rather give you potent chemicals than give you a choice for a natural alternative.

The use of cannabis with women can be traced all the way back to 1400BC. Female pharaoh, Hatshepsut and Queen of Sheba were among the few noted for using cannabis in their daily life.

Women fought for the use of cannabis because it had so many dope benefits for us and our families. The idea that a plant could work for you mentally and physically was enough to strike up a movement. Singer, Billie Holiday used cannabis and was constantly harassed by the government until her passing. She used her music and her influence to create awareness of injustice with songs like, Strange Fruit. Even though it cost her everything she never stopped using her voice to bring about change. It is well documented that the war on drugs impacted the black community a great deal. Resulting in families being torn apart for years and charges that followed people the rest of their lives. Creating awareness around this means that one day instead of just a few there will be many. Women are becoming more and more influential in this industry everyday. We've created a million ways to use and market a diverse plant once looked down on.

Today, it is much easier for women to get into the cannabis business. There are more resources and groups that provide a safe space for us to be thrive. Through social apps like Clubhouse and Instagram you are able to see a network of women advocating for change. You can see the diversity and the passion for creating our lane. I'm proud to be a woman in this movement. My desire is that we continue to see changes on a law level and business level. Representation is so important because the younger generation of women needs to see what this plant can do in a positive l