Top 5 Summer Solstice Herbs

This is a perfect time to gather your herbs for the summer szn. True beauty and good skin start from within. Taking the right herbs internally and using them in your skincare routine can make all the difference. In addition to cannabis; there are a variety of herbs to start Summer Solstice off right. Let's tap in and see what's good.


A classic summer plant you can use inside and out. Known for its calming and relaxing qualities this herb also attracts money and prosperity. It is also known for promoting a long life. Skincare wise it known as a natural skin bleach because its lightening qualities. It is also good for regenerating the skin as well.


Known for reducing anxiety and depression this herb also relieves aches and pains. It holds anti inflammatory anti bacteria properties making it something that you should definitely have in your cabinet. Verbena is associated with protection against harm and evil as well as creativity, healing, and happiness. It helps with acne, clogged pores, and dry skin.


Refreshing and cleansing mint is a great herb to bring in summer solstice. Its antibacterial qualities make it another great candidate for treating acne. Mood boosting mint also helps internally with antioxidant properties by removing free radicals from the body. Mint symbolizes virtue and wisdom.

Lemon Peel

A number one choice for exfoliation and pulling dirt out of the skin. This is a natural skincare must have! Internally lemons cleanse and detox the body ridding it of impurities. Lemons represent purification, attract good fortune, and bring clarity.


Refreshing and anti-inflammatory this herb has multiple uses. If you're experiencing acne rosemary oil is antibacterial and antiseptic well. Over all it helps with swelling, puffiness, and kills bacteria; which are all recipes for a pimple. It helps lighten dark spots when massaged into the skin as an oil. Rosemary signifies protection, healing, beauty, and strength.

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