Help I have Maskcne!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

With everyone having to wear masks; one would wonder how your skin is doing underneath. I've had so many of my clients and friends express their frustration with how to deal with daily breakouts. Below I've dropped a few skincare tips that will help with your maskcne outbreaks.

Wash your cloth mask in a gentle detergent. Preferably one for babies.

If you are using a disposable mask...don't wear it twice!!

Light steams will help open pores from being trapped all day.

Light exfoliation helps remove dirt and dead. skin cells.

Avoid caking your makeup under your mask.

Tea tree oil will help dry out bumps immediately.

A mild cleanser that not dry out your skin should be in your arsenal.

Use of a facial brush will help insure skin is fully cleansed.

Use witch hazel, toned down apple cider vinegar, or alcohol following your cleanser to complete.

Drink lots of water!!

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