Mama Cush Herbs: Gotu Kula

We all need a little enlightenment from time to time. This herb will help you conquer the day and relax at night.


-Anti-aging and sun care products

-Boost resistance to sagging

-Tightens and firms

-Helps stretch marks

-Improve circulation

-Increased collagen production

-heals varicose veins

-Too much without diluting will cause your skin to burn.

-Itching in larger doses

-Drowsiness if smoked or ingested in a tea

-Great for nervous system work

Spirit Work

-Herb of enlightenment

-Pineal gland activation, aka third eye

-Enter Flow State

-Brain Work..promotes focus

-Harmonizing left and right brain communication

-Longevity ( Elephants eat it they live a long time) Also scientifically proven.

-Develops crown chakra

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