Need a Skincare Detox? Here's an idea!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

The first step towards clear skin is healthy insides. Your skin being the largest organ on your body; it's the one we often overlook the most. In order to make the leap to good skin; you have to consider what you put in your body and what you let cloud your mind.

The first thing you should do when you start your new skincare journey is to detox and cleanse your body as well as your mind. If you're experiencing breakouts assess your diet and where you place your energy. How are you taking life? Are you more stressed? Are you sleeping? Incorporating new products and cbd won't help if the inside doesn't match outside. We live in such. a technological world and its good to detach. However, they do have apps and even our phones tell us how much we move and sleep according to certain patterns. Be real with yourself. Take an assessment of your day to day life. Once you look at your habits; start to break them down and edit where it's needed. Are you lurking at 2am instead of getting your beauty rest sis? Remember energy travels and even a harmless lurk can transfer energy that you DO NOT need! How you wake yourself up and put yourself to sleep is very important. When I say that; I mean what's your routine? Do you meditate and stretch ? Little things like that can make all the difference. Have you ever meditated a pimple away with proper skincare? YES it is a thing.

The second thing you should consider is your diet. What are you putting in your body? Are you drinking a proper amount of water everyday? Diets that are more high in sugar and processed meats tend to experience more breakouts. I believe in satisfying myself in controlled portions. Following a balanced diet is so much easier than simply depriving oneself. Your daily diet will also effect how you move as well. Paying attention to how, when, and what you eat. Be intentional. Make substitutions that exemplify your actual life so you don't yo yo. For example, if you are a meat eater; try leaner meats earlier during the day. Avoiding processed foods and high sugar at all costs though. It's hard being from the south but a must when detoxing. Certain foods just yield certain results. Lemon water when you rise will help you digest your food for the day! Room temp is best. Eating foods that allow your body to process things out are A1. How often do you go to the restroom? Eat things that help your body go to the restroom. For instance, veggies and fruits but be sure to keep super acidic and high sugar fruits to a minimum. Dairy is another culprit that we struggle with but not only does it do nothing for the skin but it also inhibits the immune system. Eliminate cheese and see how your face thanks you! Intermittent fasting is a good way to start without overwhelming yourself.

Everyone's skin is completely different but a good place to start is detoxing. This way you can eliminate what works for you and what doesn't properly. Below are some things you can do to jumpstart your skincare detox.

Intermittent fasting to start your journey

Drink lemon water in the rising