Thee Science of Wake & Bake

Over 20% of cannabis users wake and bake. Why though? And my favorite question....Do you brush your teeth before or after? So let's see if we can clear some things up because its a must that I get mine in the rising.

When your body rests overnight it goes through a period of fasting. The same effect you have when breaking fast for food and drink is the feeling you have when consuming cannabis. Your system is clean and so is your mind. A perfect time to implement your morning ritual right? It can also be an excellent appetite stimulant for those who desire that. Breakfast munchies anyone?

Now for the best strains to use in the morning so that you can be productive and lifted. Haze strains are a great example of an indica heavy strain that won't make you sleepy. Try for strains that are limonene heavy. Citrus heavy blends are generally uplifting and give a creative boost. Stay away from myrcene heavy blends because they give off a body high that will make you climb back in bed.

Alright so do you roll right over and get to it? Well personally I prefer to brush my teeth and get clean first. Not to say that I haven't but my general routine is to have my morning coffee with my blunt. These days you don't have to decide with so many options available for edible, flower, and beverage users. However you take your cannabis in the morning and when is up to you. Just to know you have options.

Maybe you reach for your soap first. It's in that these days too. Wake and Bake however you feel.

When in doubt a spliff will help figure it out......