Top 4 Detox Herbs & What They Do Spiritually

Here are my favorite herbs for the 365 day reset. This quarter we'll explore their qualities and how we can use them to up our spiritual practices.

Burdock Root- People take burdock to increase urine flow, kill germs, reduce fever, and “purify” their blood. It is also used to treat colds, cancer, anorexia nervosa, gastrointestinal (GI) complaints, joint pain (rheumatism), gout, bladder infections, complications of syphilis, and skin conditions including acne and psoriasis. Spiritually it used for cleansing negative energy. Dandelion Root- Dandelion tea is an excellent source of potassium, a mineral and electrolyte that stimulates the heartbeat. Potassium may help the kidney filter toxins more effectively and improve blood flow. The polysaccharides in dandelion are known to reduce stress on the liver and support its ability to produce bile. Spiritually its good for divination, wishes and calling spirits. Ginger Root- A person can drink ginger tea as a complementary remedy for nausea, digestive issues, and symptoms of the common cold. Some research also suggests that it may help regulate blood glucose and be beneficial for NAFLD. Ginger tea may also help people with arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Spiritually it Draws adventure and new experiences. Promotes sensuality, sexuality, personal confidence, prosperity, and success. Turmeric Root- The curcumin in turmeric contains antioxidants that can boost your immune system. Curcumin could act as an immune modulator, which means that it may aid in the regulation of immune cells. Spiritually it implies a symbol of purity, fertility and prosperity.

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