Pachamama - CBD Tincture - Ylang Ylang Holy Basil - 750mg-1750mg

Pachamama - CBD Tincture - Ylang Ylang Holy Basil - 750mg-1750mg


This harmonious blend keeps the mind and body stress-free, inspiring creativity. Popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine, ylang ylang is used to help reduce stress and nurture a sense of harmony throughout the body and mind. Holy basil is known as the 'elixir of life' - helping the body adapt to stress and maintain balance while protecting it from toxins and infections. Usage & Dosage:Start low and go slow. Dispense 1 serving up to 2 times daily or as needed. For rapid absorption, hold the liquid under your tongue for 60 seconds before ingesting. Safe to add to food or non-alcoholic beverages if preferred for consumption. Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Ylang Ylang Oil, Holy Basil Oil, MCT Coconut Oil

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